The management and administration of AZA is purely voluntary as no executive member, their relatives, or business associates receive compensation for any work done except for administrative support and reasonable reimbursement in relation to executive committee member's duties. Therefore, members of the association and, especially the executive board, dedicate their time and one hundred percent of all the resources raised to meet the needs of our members and the public as well as our community partners we support.

The executive committee is voted by paid-up members of AZA and the executive committee on occasions brings on additional executive committee members when these individuals posses a skill or ability that is not available on the current executive committee or in the community that can be utilized to advance the mission of AZA.

Executive Committee Members:

President – Bella Siangonya
As a partner to the vice president and other executive committee members, the president provides leadership to AZA as it transitions from a newly formed 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization into a sustainable national entity. The president supports and sustains the work of the AZA, and provides governance leadership and strategic fundraising support. The president has signatory privileges to the AZA financial accounts.

Vice President – Priscar Zulu
The vice president supports the president in executing the duties of that office and provides leadership to AZA in the absence of the president. The vice president has signatory privileges to the AZA financial accounts.

Treasurer – Morgan Kamau
The treasurer manages AZA's financial assets and other physical assets and is responsible for ensuring that all financial transactions are conducted in compliance with AZA's policies. In addition, the treasurer leads AZA in developing the annual budget for approval by the executive committee and ensuring that expenses are within budget guidelines. The treasurer also oversees any financial audits of the organization and ensuring that AZA reports its financial activities to the Internal Revenue Services every year by the deadline. The treasurer has signatory privileges to the AZA financial accounts.  

Secretary – Chungu Chewe
The secretary is responsible for ensuring the safety and accuracy of all AZA executive committee records and co-management of the AZA website. In addition, the secretary is responsible for providing notice of meetings of the executive committee and preparing meeting minutes for distribution to the executive committee and AZA members. The secretary does not have signatory privileges to the AZA financial accounts and is responsible for communicating with financial institutions to add or remove signatories as necessary.

Public Relations Chairperson – vacant
The public relations (PR) chairperson is responsible for overseeing all communication from AZA to the general public, clients and supporters. In addition, the PR monitors the public's perception/ opinion of AZA and responds to complaints about the organization in a timely manner. The PR chairperson, with the support of the entire executive committee, identifies and develops working partnerships with community stakeholders. 

Community Events Chairpersons – Chanda Mutale
The community events chairpersons are responsible for planning and coordinating all AZA related community events. Their responsibilities including venue identification and budget development for community events. 

Education ChairpersonDr. Margaret Mwendapole
The education chairperson is responsible for growing AZA's education programs. The education person oversees the development and implementation of education programs to meet the needs of the community. In addition, the education chairperson is responsible for coordinating the screening and selection of scholarship recipients.  
Business Development Chairpersons – Alexander Vomo
The business development chairpersons are responsible for providing business development resources to AZA's constituency. In addition, the business development chairpersons are responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of AZA's revenue generating activities.   
Spiritual Advisor – Pastor Boniface Kasumba
The AZA spiritual advisor is responsible for providing spiritual guidance to the AZA executive committee, during community gatherings and to community members in need. Some of the spiritual guidance provided by the spiritual advisor include leading prayer activities during funeral services and hospital visits for hospitalized community members. In addition, the spiritual advisor assists individuals in finding a place to worship if they do not already have a place to worship. 
Legal Liaison – vacant
The legal liaison is responsible for guiding AZA on legal matters and directing community members to legal resources when needed.
Executive Committee Members at LargeClement Chuuya, Humphrey Malimba, and Shumba Patrick Mutukwa
Executive committee members at large are executive committee members who do not hold a specific position, but are called upon to lead special programs and projects on as needed basis.